One of the best advertising tools available has got to be an affiliate program, providing incentives for both the merchant and the affiliate.

An example of this would be if an affiliate signs up to your program, every time the affiliate makes a sale from a sponsored link, you give the affiliate a small amount of money – say $5. Then on each subsequent sale they get a small amount of money – say $2.50. The beauty of this is that you do not have to pay the affiliate at all if they just get a small amount of money from each sale. If the affiliate makes 1 sale and only gets $5, they are owed $5. However if they make 10 sales totaling $35,500 they will receive $25,500 for that.

So to put things into comparison, if an affiliate was earning 10 dollars a sale from your program as their reward, then after the 20th sale they will earn 25 dollars (2.50 x 10 = 25).

The reason an affiliate has to get involved with your program is because there are rewards associated with it. They are usually not being paid a lot of money just by getting involved. It’s not the same as being paid thousands of dollars every month unless the affiliate actually has a very high amount of sales. However there are also no long term negative consequences if an affiliate does not go near your program or does everything correctly.

ClickBank has a very generous program that they offer to their affiliates which is why people are attracted to it. However, if an affiliate does go to the ClickBank website and does not register they most likely won’t earn any money. You need to register them if you intend to go with a lot of affiliates.

ClickBank will approve an affiliate for ClickBank if you have at least 2/3 of the required information in your profile. Then it will send an email to the address registered to let them know that you have a ClickBank account. The first thing you need to do is put down the name of the program you’ll be promoting.

It’s very important that you put down the name accurately and in the style that it should appear in the description or website. Once you have done this there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting a high quality affiliate.

ClickBank will pay you at least 50% more if you have two of the same advertiser. This can be seen in the details page as well. The most common ones that are used are the ones with the two stars and above. This means they have proven themselves to be reliable for both their affiliates and the publisher.

You are allowed a maximum of 4 affiliates from the same advertiser. If you go past that you’ll have to worry about getting your payments disputed or something being amiss with the commission you’ve been paid.

Another thing you can do to aid your chances is by using an autoresponder and having your own website. With the autoresponder you can easily put down how it is that you are referred by someone else and can give a good description of how you got the referral.

With your own website you can easily put the information down and have it be on the point at being able to answer any questions that the potential customer may have. With an autoresponder you will need to pay to get them in however.


ClickBank is another place that you can get referrals from for your affiliate marketing business as well as promote your own product. There are some things you need to understand as well before you start promoting products there. It’s very important that you do the following:

* Do a review of the product you’re promoting. Give a good honest description of the product. Try not to hype anything up. Just say what the product can do for them and the benefits it offers.

* Do a comparison of the product to the products you already promote. Be honest in your review as well as your comparison. Try not to exaggerate anything up or down. Make your review as objective as possible.

* Use your affiliate link in the resource box of your review. If they are interested enough they may want to purchase something from the link.

* Make sure your review is in a manner where it will always look like you’re promoting the product you’re reviewing.

It’s a good idea to use both Clickbank and Amazon in your business as they’re the most popular affiliate programs there are. Clickbank has more products whereas Amazon has more in the way of products. The only problem with Clickbank is that sometimes products that are advertised there can be outdated and less relevant in the market as opposed to the products you promote on Amazon.