It is indeed a world of internet marketing nowadays. Some even want to start their career by making money online in the comfort of their own humble abodes. But are you aware of the world you are about to enter? The Internet is not as simple as you think it is. Come to think of it, you are not a hundred percent secured when you do any business online. It’s just that it is so common for us, human beings, to engage in something, to try things we are curious about. Here is a not-so eye-opening list about the PROS and CONS of Internet Marketing.


This gives much better results and profits than the traditional marketing channels.

  • Wider Reach of Consumers

Internet marketing is not restricted to the limitations of a physical place. You can market your products in any part of your country without even opening a physical outlet. As someone who loves buying things and staying at home, this might be the coziest way of doing both of the things you like.

  • Immediate Measurable Result

You can measure every action from visits, clicks, and purchases. This is something every business person hopes to achieve. To know the outcome of whatever it is they are doing and providing. Immediately knowing the results of your labors is such a relief. It is also where you know whether you are gaining from it or losing from it.

  • Lesser Business Overheads

As the business is online, there are fewer expenses to deal with as compared to investing in offline stores. Only a few pieces of equipment are needed to run such an online store. It’s just the maintenance which is left to think of.

  • Ability to Track Customer’s Taste and Preferences

This is very helpful to personalize offers because you can track your customers’ past purchases. It is one way to know the person you are socializing with. They will be most open when it comes to customizing to the tip of your power which will help you come up with new and better ideas to market.

  • Consumer Relationship

It helps in building strong relationships with customers in real-time. One businessperson can maintain an ongoing relationship with regular customers by sending follow-up updates about new arrivals, offers, and services.

  • Everyone’s Convenience

You can run your online business round the clock without even worrying about work timings. On the other hand, customers can purchase products of their choice anytime throughout the day without needing to visit a physical store. It is indeed a win-win situation for both the owner and customers.


In spite of having so many benefits, internet marketing also carries negative features too.

  • Internet Fraud

As the business booms, you may experience unethical people with their fraudulent practices. Some say you cannot avoid this but I don’t think so. You can establish your own regulation on how to avoid being scammed. Because as far as I know, being tricked can also defame your reputation as an online business owner. Some will think you cannot handle your business so well that you are being swindled by some people that have nothing to do with their lives.

  • Ads Placement

This may turn your customers away from if the pages of your website are cluttered with ads. Who wants to be disturbed when shopping right? The feeling of shopping out in the mall and online is just the same. You don’t want to pay attention to something you don’t want to buy or isn’t for sale at all.

  • Requires Special Expertise

Along with the basic marketing, it needs an understanding of advertising techniques, search engine technology, content creation, and logic to fully master internet marketing. You don’t just enter online marketing, you also need to study things that are not present in fundamental marketing.

  • Inaccessible

It may not be available to some rural areas. Also, the elderly and illiterates rarely appreciate the benefits of shopping online. It is not being racist, but the truth is, not everybody knows how. Worst case scenario, some people do not support internet marketing because of some experiences they do not want to go through again.

  • Negative Feedback About Your Products

Nowadays, everybody can turn your business down drastically. If they want to, they will. You better not change the way you treat everyone as you treat your friends and family. If you do not want to gain negative comments about you and your products, you better work yourself and your business better for the sake of humanity. It is you who handle all of it, no one else will.

The world of internet marketing continues to evolve so you better not be the one to be left behind. You should always maintain the reputation you are holding. It wasn’t easy, it is stressful that you want to stop it permanently but you will not be successful with that kind of thought, so you will continue thriving through ups and downs because it all comes altogether when you decided to start making money online.